My name is Ipinmi Akinkugbe and travel, exploring, getting to know new people, new cultures is my biggest passion.

The goal is to share my passion with you while inspiring you to embark on your own adventures.

Travel should not have to be a luxury but a way of life.

I will give you travel tips and guides to enable you fully immerse yourself in the history, culture, and adventure that countries have to offer.

We all want to live our lives to the fullest – with no limitations

Travel builds courage, confidence and it increases life’s possibilities. The moment you make the decision to take a trip, venture out into the unknown, chase that adventure, immerse yourself in that culture, interact with new people – your life instantly changes. For the better.

This blog is for everyone who is ready to make their travel dreams a reality. It has everything you will need to take the first step to experience your bucket list adventures.

We will live without limitation and not settle for less.


When I thought about what I wanted to name my brand, I decided to give it a name that resonated with my Yoruba Heritage. That’s when I coined the word “Férìnàjò” (feh-rin-ah-joe) which translates to “Lover of Travel”. Fé came from “ololufe” meaning lover and rìnàjò from “ìrìnàjò” meaning travel.

I have created this brand to share just that, my love for travel.

My Philosophy

Live life to the fullest, without regrets, experience EVERYTHING the world has to offer is the philosophy I’ve started to live by and I am LOVING it! The first step was starting the blog and I did it!

Everyone deserves to travel the world. I mean isn’t that what it’s there for? To be experienced, learnt and enjoyed.

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