Aerial Views of Epe Mangrove Views at the Epe Mangrove

Adventurous things to do in Lagos

Lagos may not be your first choice when it comes to adventure (it definitely wasn’t mine…till I explored it), however we do have our fair share of adrenaline pumping activities. Here are the top 8 adventurous things to do in Lagos.


Mangroves Tour
Views at the Epe Mangrove

Deep within the town of Epe, lies the Mangroves. The marshy waterways which have long been a form of transportation for surrounding communities have become increasingly popular in recent years as a tourist destination outside the main city of Lagos. A canoe ride through the Mangroves comes with unmatched views, peace and tranquillity that can only be gotten from being on the open water. If you’re lucky you may spot an alligator or 2 (mainly during the dry seasons) and see a few members of the surrounding communities fishing (during the week).

Climb the longest canopy walkway in Africa
Lekki Conservation Centre Canopy Walk

How are you with heights? The Longest Canopy Walkway in Africa, which is in the Lekki Conservation Centre, is 401 metres long. It features 6 towers that rise over 22 feet each and are connected by a series of walkways (sometimes swinging). The climb offers an incredible view of the conservation Centre (and beyond) from high above the treetops. You may encounter some cheeky monkey’s on your climb so ensure you don’t have any food on you.

Visit Tarkwa Bay

Only accessible by boat, Tarkwa Bay is a sheltered beach near the Lagos harbour. Visiting Tarkwa Bay by boat is itself an adventure. However, there are activities you can get up to on the island.

  • Horseback riding: this is a calmer activity. While on horseback you are able to fully take in the beach scenery and enjoy the serene atmosphere.
  • Surfing: it is a surf community and the only place in Lagos where you can surf. You can rent a board for the day, get an instructor and experience the waves. If you do want to learn a bit more about surfing and the sport, there are surfing schools available to help get your learning underway.
Paddleboard at Landmark Beach

One of, or probably the calmest water sport out there. If you’re looking to spend some time in the water, cooling off from the city’s weather, then paddle boarding is your sport. Stand up, sit down, lie, the ocean is your oasis.

Kayaking on the Lagos Lagoon

Kayaking on a lake is one thing, but kayaking in the Lagos Lagoon is a whole other ballgame. I mean you could be kayaking and find yourself under the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge. The rush as you sit out the waves, watching the sun set, and just being one with the water. The experience is truly incomparable. If you do decide to try it out, the first time I went kayaking in the Lagos Lagoon, I used the Travel Company WakaWaka. They organised the kayak session for a fee of 5000 Naira.

Férìnàjò Tip: go in a group. Kayaking is best shared with people.

Quad biking & Jet skiing

Quad biking & Jet skiing can be found at almost every beach in Lagos. They give you a rush of excitement while you ride along the beaches’ coast and ride the waves in the sea.


Number 1 on my bucket list. This activity is not just reserved for grassy camp grounds. When in Lagos the beach is also your camp ground. The opportunity to sit and enjoy nature, have a whole beach to yourself, wake up to the sunrise and fall asleep to the sunset and crashing waves is one you can’t pass up.

Camping at the beach: this can be done in Tarkwa Bay, you can either bring your own camp gear (which can be bought at nezilifestyle), or stay at Jaybee Beach camp, an accommodation on the beach. They provide camping gear on request for a small fee.

Camping in the park: Lufasi Nature Park is the only camp round in Lagos. It provides a unique camping experience in the middle of nature. Surrounded by birds and lakes, your experience here will not be forgettable.

Bird Watching at Lufasi Nature Park

A pair of binoculars will definitely come in handy when Bird Watching at Lufasi. The Nature Park is home to a plethora of rare birds and once a week a guide takes a group of bird watchers into the forest to spot them. Sunscreen and insect repellent is key when carrying out any activity involving the forest. A little reminder – when bird watching, patience is a virtue.

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