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Experience The World’s Fastest Rollercoaster in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi  

This post is about how to experience The World’s Fastest Rollercoaster – Formula Rossa – in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for something to do in Abu Dhabi, a theme park is an excellent choice.


The park is located on Yas Island which is home to two other theme parks – Yas Waterworld & Warner Bros World. You are really spoilt for choice. 

How to get to Yas Island  

You can get a free shuttle bus from Dubai or Abu Dhabi as long as you present a ticket or voucher to any of the Yas Island theme parks. The buses are complimentary so it’s compulsory for you to buy tickets beforehand.  

  • From Dubai 

If you’re departing from Dubai, you can board the free bus from Deira City Center and Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, it operates on a first come first serve basis so leaves as soon as it’s full. This is the bus timetable, it takes roughly 50 minutes to get from Dubai to Yas Island.

If you don’t want to visit Ferrari World yourself, you can book this experience with GetYourGuide

  • From Abu Dhabi 

The free shuttle departs from numerous points in Abu Dhabi, you can check the bus schedule here. It also stops at 2 locations on Yas Island: 

  1. Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and Yas Waterworld  
  1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and CLYMB Abu Dhabi 

It’s a 25-minute drive from Abu Dhabi to Yas Island. 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Entry Requirements 

Abu Dhabi is quite strict when it comes to covid safety protocols, keep this in mind before you go. Any tourist visiting the theme park will need to present either a negative PCR test (taken within 14 days), a vaccination card that shows you’re fully vaccinated or both. Masks also have to be worn at all times, except while on rides. 

To help limit the amount of contact between park goers and staff, there are hand sanitisers placed all around the park and an online park map instead of a printed one.  

What time does Ferrari World Abu Dhabi open? 

The opening times often fluctuate between 10 am, 11 am and 12 pm. So, if you plan on going, confirm the opening times the morning of so you’re not disappointed.  

How much does Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Cost? 

Buying anything online is always cheaper and Ferrari World is no exception. A single-day adult ticket costs AED 310 online and AED 345 at the park while a junior ticket (for anyone 1.3m or shorter) costs AED 240. We had to buy our tickets at the park since we had no card to buy them online (you can always get the concierge at your hotel to book for you).  

If you want to visit the other parks, you can buy the ticket bundles, which include: 

  • Unlimited 3 days 3 parks: this allows you to visit all 3 parks on any 3 days for AED 545 
  • 2 days and 2 parks: this allows you to visit 2 parks on any 2 days of your choosing (you need to visit the second park within 14 days of the first park visit) for AED 435 
  • 1 day any 2 parks: you can visit any 2 parks of your choosing within one day for AED 395. I don’t recommend this option as it cuts the time spent in each park in half and you don’t get to have the full experience. Also, it could be very tiring.  

How long should you spend at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi? 

The entire day. I’m not kidding. When I went in July 2022, the opening time was 11 am and we got there just as it opened. There were zero lines, we went on all the rides at least once. 

If you get there as soon as they open, it gives you time to map out the rides you want to go on so your time is well spent. I know it sounds a bit mad, I mean it’s a theme park why is so much planning needed? Trust me, the park is HUGE and there is a fair amount of walking involved so if you want to experience the whole park without getting tired, get there early, and plan.

We were there from 11 am to 6 pm and I could have stayed there till closing if my sisters didn’t drag me home. 

Experiences in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 

fastest rollercoaster
  • Drive a Ferrari 

Imagine being behind the wheel of a Ferrari with the top down as you cruise around Yas Island with a Ferrari-trained instructor. It’s the experience of a lifetime. If you’re not comfortable driving, you can have the passenger experience. The driving experience costs AED 895 while the passenger experience costs AED 595, however, you need to purchase an entry ticket beforehand. 

  • Racing Simulators 

Make sure you go to the Scuderia Challenge if you want to feel what it’s like to train like a Ferrari driver. There are 3 simulators, each one more advanced than the last, and the whole experience is very realistic. Each simulation costs an extra AED 50 which you can pay for at the park.  

  • Karting Academy 

For an extra AED 45, you can spend 7 minutes go-karting around Ferrari World’s karting track. Personally, I could have done without this. Having said that, if you like Go Karting, it’s definitely worth it, if you don’t care much for Go Karting, it’s an activity you can skip.  

First advice, don’t look up the rides on google before going on them. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. I wouldn’t have gone on some rides if I knew what was in store, so just enjoy and embrace the experience. Some of the rides you absolutely CANNOT skip (speaking from first-hand experience) are: 

  1. Flying Aces  
  1. Turbo Track  
  1. Fiorano GT Challenge  
  1. Formula Rossa: The World’s Fastest Rollercoaster. It goes from 0 – 240km/h in 4.9 seconds, the tracks are watered before the ride starts so it doesn’t overheat (yes, it’s that fast) and you’re given goggles to protect your eyes from the speed.  

P.S: You can plan carnival games and win stuffed toys for an extra AED 15. They can be found on your walk through “Little Italy”.  


Let me know if you’ve visited Ferrari World in the comments and what your experience was like. Also, if you have any other questions, ask away! 

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you end up booking a trip, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you! 

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