Entry Requirements for Nigerians into the UAE

UAE Travel Requirements for Nigerians in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The UAE is one of the most popular travel destinations for Nigerians. In this post, I will go over the UAE Travel requirements for Nigerians in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

As UAE travel requirements for Nigerians are constantly changing, please do your own research before your travel date to ensure you are up to date on the latest travel information.  

Tests you need to travel to Dubai  

Passengers travelling to Dubai as from 26th February 2022, you must have at least one of these requirements: 

  • A valid vaccination certificate showing you are fully vaccinated.
  • Present a valid negative PCR test certificate issued within 48 hours of your departure time. 
  • A medical certificate saying you have recovered from COVID‑19 within 1 month from the date of recovery to the date of arrival.

Visit the Emirates website for any changes to the requirements for tests on entry to Dubai. 

Can you travel to Dubai without a visa? 

This depends on your country of citizenship; Nigerians need to apply for a visa beforehand. I can’t give firsthand information or advice on the visa process for Nigerians as I have dual citizenship which allows me to enter the UAE visa-free on my British Passport, but here is a step-by-step process. Carry out extra research on your own as the rules are always changing.  

Abu Dhabi Entry Requirements  

The entry requirement for Abu Dhabi is a little different from Dubai. Most tourist sites, hotels, malls and restaurants require you to present either a vaccine certificate showing you’re fully vaccinated or a negative PCR test taken within 14 days or both.  

What are the restrictions in the UAE? 

Shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions are all open with social distancing and mask requirements in place.  

Websites to help you stay informed  

Happy Travels! 

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