7 steps to setting up a luxury picnic in a garden!

A garden, that’s all you need.

@Yindaa_ and I had a little luxury garden picnic.

It was a little intimidating developing a picnic menu at first but once we got the ball rolling (we set a date to have it) everything fell into place.

Now, why don’t I make it easier for you and give you the steps to having your own luxury backyard picnic?


  1. Great Company
  2. A set date
  3. An aesthetically pleasing location
  4. A banging menu
  5. A fire playlist and speakers
  6. A beautiful set-up
  7. A tripod/ someone to take photos/ videos

Ladies and Gentlemen, shall we?

1. Great Company
Photo Credit: @semilolaa

Who do you want to be having a luxury backyard picnic with?

They need to match your vibe, they need to be there to enjoy the luxuriousness of the picnic. They should be people ready to get on their knees to get the best angles.

Get people who are down to picnic.

2. A set date

Once you make the decision and settle on a date to have the picnic everything else comes after.

3. An aesthetically pleasing location

Where are you gonna have it??

The location is very important. It sets the tone for the picnic.

Whose backyard/ garden have do you decided to have it in? Or is it going to be in a park?

Decisions, decisions!

4. A banging menu

The colours you’re going for will largely influence your menu choice.

If you decide on earthy tones then your menu will consist of foods with more subtle colours like a cold cuts, pale pink fruits, different types of, green grapes, green and white flowers and brown/cane picnic baskets.

If you’re thinking more vibrant or tropical settings then go for more colourful foods like strawberries, pineapples, a charcuterie board, bright flowers and bright coloured drinks.

For our picnic we wanted more vibrant colours so, this was our exact list:

  • Croissants
  • Baguette
  • Brownies
  • Strawberries
  • Green Apples
  • Red Grapes
  • Lemonade
  • Watermelon
  • White wine
  • Wine Glasses
  • White Satin sheet (to lay on)
  • Brown picnic basket
  • Festive napkins (to line the picnic basket)
  • Orange, yellow & purple flowers
  • Brown cheese board (for the fruits)

You can add more items to your liking.

Our drinks:

Wine: Four Cousins Natural Sweet White

Lemonade: Homemade, mixed with Wilsons Lemonade.

Photo Credit: @semilolaa

5. A fire playlist and Speakers

A game changer!

You need to set the mood right?

Music! That’s what you need. Get a playlist of upbeat, danceable songs, get your speakers and have yourself a picnic.

6. A beautiful set – up

Come on, you can’t just lay down the white sheet and put the food and flowers on it, you again need to think about the aesthetics you’re going for.

This will make you think twice about the placement of the picnic items.

After you’ve set up, step back and take a final look and make your final decision.

This final look is really the difference between a good and great picnic set up.

7. A tripod/ someone to take photos/ videos

You know, you know! We need to get those picnic pictures in. You should have someone who can take pictures of the day, to properly document it from beginning to end.

No one to take pictures? Don’t worry, I gatchu! Take turns to photograph each other, and use a tripod to get a picture of everyone who is at the picnic.

No tripod? I didn’t forget about you boo. Get a bag and prop a phone on the bag, use the self-timer feature and shoot away!

Can’t wait to see the pictures of the beautiful picnics you create!

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