Casa Del Papa Beach Resort

Casa Del Papa Beach Resort – why do Nigerians love it?

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Are you even Nigerian if you travel to Benin Republic and don’t stay in Casa Del Papa Beach Resort?

This beach resort is one of the only places Nigerians stay when in Benin Republic so it’s easy to think it’s overrated. But after spending 1 night here, I understand why it’s so popular. Let’s get into this review!

The Area

Casa Del Papa Beach Resort is located in Ouidah, Benin Republic on 2 different properties opposite each other. It’s hard to miss because it’s in a safe, very well-known area. Although wifi is available, it’s not very strong so if you’re staying here, keep that in mind.

The Amenities

Casa Del Papa has so many amenities that you don’t need to leave the resort to have fun. There is a lake on the property for kayaking which also has a lookout point with panoramic views.

If you’re not interested in kayaking, you can swim in one of the 3 pools on the property or relax on the lounge chairs on the beach. This location is the perfect place to unplug and just be near the water.

The Rooms

The resort is very well laid out, There are two room options for people with different budgets.

Option 1: Beach view

These rooms have been built along the coast and are designed to look like mini houses which provides a lot of privacy and gives the feeling of a private beachfront property. The view outside these rooms is stunning and because the beach is so close, you can fall asleep to the sounds of the waves.

The bathrooms here like in most hotels in Benin Republic are wet rooms. The shower isn’t closed off.

Option 2: Lake view

The lake-view rooms are opposite the beach-view rooms. These rooms face the lake which is much calmer than the beach. with a view of the lake where kayaking is offered.

I prefer the beach view rooms as they are right beside the pools and restaurant. The lake-view rooms are about a 3-minute walk away from everything.

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The Food & Drink

Food at Casa Del Papa Ouidah

This resort has a restaurant where you can eat a buffet breakfast and an a la carte dinner.

Breakfast is complimentary and it was the best out of the 3 places we stayed. The options are endless and the views of the beach are stunning. There is a station for every type of food – cereal, cold cuts, hot food, bread, salad and dressing. It was a real feast.

The price of food for dinner starts at 4,500 CFA, it’s very affordable and the food is made to your taste.

The Cost

It’s easy to think Casa Del Papa is overrated, especially since it’s so popular but, this was my second time staying here and I loved it. Both the lake & beach view rooms cost approximately $107 a night. The time of booking determines the price.

Apart from the weak (almost non-existent) Wi-Fi, the price was worth it.

Is it worth booking?

Casa del papa ouidah

100%. This resort is on my list of top 2023 stays. This resort has everything – pools, panoramic lake views, the beach and stunning sunsets and sunrises. I’m very excited to go back and experience it again.


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I hope this helps you choose the best accommodation for your next trip to Benin Republic. Happy travels!

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