Ipinmi Akinkugbe on Starting a Travel Blog


The Journey of starting a travel blog can be daunting and it was at first went a little like this.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

– Tony Robbins

Entering the world of Travel Blogging

Picture this: You’re starting a travel blog. It’s something you’ve visualised, conceptualised, birthed from just an idea. Then just as your blog, your baby, is about to go live the whole world is plunged into a pandemic and the world was locked down. You can’t imagine that happening?

Well that’s how my blogging journey started.

The Pandemic Hit

It was like a movie, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I mean really?? A Pandemic?? One that affected the travel industry greatly, an industry I had only JUST joined. I was speechless.

Well, the first thing I did was write my first blog post titled “Coronavirus – Is it still safe to travel?” after that, I spent about a month wallowing in my new found reality before I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and said “well, this is your new reality, for who knows how long, you better start creating what you can”.

So, that’s what I did.

I started by researching countries around the world and since my focus was on the historical, cultural and adventure aspect of travel. On my Instagram I shared the unique cultures, adventures to be had and histories to be learnt from each country.

This approach to my brand I soon realised, made it look faceless.

So, I set out to create a community of likeminded travellers.

A rebrand happened.

Home Shoots

Since I had no bank of photos I started home shoots.

I shot in different outfits, in different parts of the house and started off with Instagram captions that were inspirational and focused on travel advice.

I continued this for about 2 months before lockdown eased.

Post Lockdown Domestic Travel

After the lockdown ease I started focusing on domestic travel.

Exploring and experiencing parts of my city so intimately I have since been dubbed “The Lagos Plug”.

Wanting to find less known, underrated and under explored parts of Lagos, I started research. Made it my mission to capture Lagos in ways that sparked the wanderlust of whoever came across my page/ blog.

I am finally doing that.

My Ultimate goal is to inspire people to not only visit a destination but to get the most value out of their travels.

To completely immerse themselves in the history, culture and adventure that each country has to offer.

To travel the off beaten path and see the world because its beauty is to be experienced.

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