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I’m a Travel Blogger – Here’s How I Survive as a Creator in a Competitive Market

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I launched my travel blog in February 2020 with big plans, but we all know how that turned out. The pandemic hit literary one month later. So, not only was I joining a highly competitive travel industry, but it was at the worst possible time. 

When entering a new market or industry, perception is everything. Building a brand as a travel blogger hasn’t been easy, especially at the beginning when it seemed like everyone was creating travel content, but instead of letting fear deter me from this path, I saw an opportunity. 

As content creator Skylar Marshai said, when the market is competitive, “you skip the guesswork on whether a market is viable.” Based on the engagement creators in your chosen niche are getting, you can gauge if it’s either a fast-growing or dying industry. 

One way I’ve remained authentic is by staying true to my style of content, vlog-style short-form videos, which I love creating and my audience loves consuming. I stopped listening to advice from experts predicting 5 to 10 second long videos as the future because now, storytelling videos are some of my highest-performing content

*The video above has 3,700 views but 86 saves, 28 shares, and 39 comments. It may not have done incredible numbers by Instagram standards, but people found value in it. 

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So, set a standard for yourself and create a content calendar that details the type of content you’ll create and how often the content will be published. 

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