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Things you need to know before travelling to Ghana

Ghana is a multilingual country so up to 80 different languages are spoken. English, Akan (Twi & Fante) and Ghanaian Pidgin are three of the most common languages you’ll hear. The majority of the population in the larger regions like Greater Accra, will speak English so communication is easy.

If you are a budget traveller, visit during the shoulder or off-peak seasons, from April to October. It’s cheap but it’s the rainy/ wet season.

You can spend anywhere from 4 days to months in Ghana, it all depends on your itinerary and budget. Although, if you want to experience Ghana outside of Accra, at least 7 days is ideal.

It takes an hour from Lagos to Accra and you can go with Air Peace or Africa World Airlines.

Ghana entry requirements for west africans

Check this page to see if you require a visa to travel to Ghana.

If you need a visa for Ghana, you can apply online depending on your resident country beforehand, or get a visa on arrival at the airport (if you qualify). UK citizens can apply here, US citizens can apply here, if you’re not a national of any of these countries, find a Ghanaian embassy closest to you.

If you are travelling solo or plan to spend a considerable amount of time out of your hotel/ resort, it’s important to have a Ghanaian number. Ghana is a very “call-centred” country, from Uber/ Bolt drivers to delivery services, everyone calls so having a local number is the best option.

how to get a Local sim in Ghana

E-sim in Ghana – If you want to go the e-sim route, Airalo is a great option, it’s an e-SIM provider with coverage in multiple countries. You can buy your SIM before arriving in Ghana and activate it when you land and instantly connect. It costs approximately $10 for the e-SIM and 1 GB of data, it’s more expensive than getting the local SIM but it’s more convenient especially if you arrive on a weekend.

The currency in Ghana is the Ghanaian Cedi – use this currency converter to see how much your local currency is worth in cedis. Cash is king in Ghana. If you don’t have anything else, have cash, it’s widely accepted and in most places, preferred.

Changing money in Ghana – In April 2023, when I took a solo trip to Ghana, the exchange rate was $1 – 11.5/11.6 GHC. Now, in June, 2 months later, it has dropped to $1 – 11.1 GHC. The exchange rate changes often so it’s important you do your research before travelling. Yesterday’s rate may not be today’s rate.

Ghanaian currency - cedis

You can travel to Ghana on every type of budget, if you are a budget traveller staying in hostels, using public transportation and eating street foods, you can make your money stretch for as long as possible.

I have taken a 5-day trip and an 8-day trip to Ghana, on separate occasions and I would recommend you budget at least $1000 for a one-week stay (inclusive of plane tickets if you’re departing from Nigeria). For any stay over 7 days, budget $1500 and above, especially if you are travelling solo. It’s always better to have more money than you need.

You can learn more about budgeting for Ghana in my cost breakdown for a 5-day Ghana solo trip.

Transportation in Ghana

Uber & Bolt are the most popular ways to move around within regions (within Accra), they are also the most convenient. It’s important to note that if you want to use any air conditioning in the Uber or Bolt, you need to pay extra due to the high fuel prices. For 10 – 30 minute rides, prices range between 14 ghc ($1.2) to 65 ghc ($5.6).

In Tamale, there are fewer vehicles on the road and motorcycles are one of the major forms of transportation so, it’s much safer.

Yango is a rideshare app in Ghana which is much cheaper than its alternatives so it’s worth trying it out at least once.

TukTuk's in Tamale - Northern Ghana
Maranatha Beach camp

Safety is probably the biggest worry for any solo traveller, especially solo female travellers but I have felt very safe every time I’ve travelled to Ghana. You just need to take the necessary safety precautions to have that extra blanket of protection.

Get Travel Insurance

I use SafetyWing whenever I travel because it is travel medical insurance created by nomads for nomads. You can buy a policy for the duration of your trip and end it when you want; it is also extremely flexible. Check out their website and get travel insurance for your next trip!

  • Share your live location
  • Share your ride when using ride-sharing apps
  • Always remain alert
  • Keep your windows up when in a moving car
  • Be aware of your surroundings when in crowded places
  • Carry a safety personal alarm

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