Travelling in Nigeria: Debunking Myths

Travelling in Nigeria: Debunking myths

Debunking the myths about travelling in Nigeria.

When the idea of travelling in Nigeria is brought up, the questions that often follow are “Is it safe?”, “Is there anything to see in Nigeria?”, “Is it worth exploring?”.

These were also questions I asked whenever travelling within Nigeria was brought up.

However, since I started travel blogging I have come to view travel in Nigeria in a whole new light. That’s what led me to writing this blog post.

I have collaborated with 4 Nigeria based travel bloggers who have seen the beauty of Nigeria for themselves.

They have debunked the following myths about travelling in Nigeria from their personal experience.


Myth 1: There isn’t much to see in Nigeria

Debunked by Nikeh of

It amazes me when I hear things like that because I know for a fact that it isn’t true.

People hardly explore but would prefer to create a perception that there’s little or nothing Nigeria has to offer in the Tourism space.

From my experience, Nigeria has great tourism potential. My favourites are the natural attractions we’re blessed with in the from of rocks, beaches, warm & cold springs, hills, waterfalls, deserts and rainforests.

We are also rich in art, culture and history. The diversity in the country makes it rich in every form of beauty imaginable.

There are 36 states in the country with a federal capital territory and every single state has its attractions for you to explore so don’t sleep on it.

There is definitely a lot of beauty to see in Nigeria and I’m on a mission to showcase that.

Nikeh is a Nigerian traveller, blogger and vlogger, inspiring people to explore and live their best lives. She is also the founder of Connect with her on Instagram at @itz.nikeh and on youtube at Nikeh’s Traventures.

Myth 2: Northern Nigeria is not safe

Debunked by Toke of
Travelling in Nigeria: Debunking Myths
Toke at Highland Tea Plantation, Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State

Northern Nigeria is not a killing ground, there are lovely, welcoming and peaceful.

I know we hear the news about bandits, violence, kidnappings, and all sorts about Northern Nigeria but that’s not all that there is to the North and not all Northern states are regularly under attack.

States like Kano, Bauchi, Kaduna, Katsina, Yola, Taraba and even Maiduguri are safe to explore. 

Just get your information right, ask around and Northern Nigeria might just become your favourite region to explore.

Toke is an award winning travel enthusiast in Nigeria and founder of Alarinka. She showcases the beauty of Nigeria to inspire people to travel and to put Nigerian tourism on the map. Connect with her on Twitter & Instagram on at @thattokelady

Myth 3: Nigeria isn’t a holiday destination

Debunked by: Yours Truly!
Epe Mangroves
Ipinmi at Epe Mangroves, Epe, Lagos State

Let’s be honest, if you had the choice to pick a country to holiday in, Nigeria won’t be your first choice.

It’s seen as a country where both Nigerians in the diaspora and non-Nigerians visit during “Detty December”. Often, not venturing beyond Lagos.

So, what is it about this country that excludes it from the “holiday vacation lists” and “lists of must visit places”?

Is it the lack of adventure for thrill seekers? That can’t be it when we have:

  1. An abundance of waterfalls: List of waterfalls in Nigeria
  2. Over 200 hills and mountains for hiking, mountain climbing and camping.
  3. Sand dunes in Northern Nigeria
  4. Horse racing in Northern Nigeria as part of the Durbar Festival

Is it the shortage of beaches and resorts for those looking to kick back and relax?

Or is there not enough history for the history buffs?

Nigeria is rich in history and is home to historical sites that have been recognised by UNESCO, which celebrate and educate Nigeria’s history.

The experiences to be had in Nigeria are unique. Why not include Nigeria in the mix next time you’re thinking about taking a trip?

Myth 4: Northern Nigeria is unattractive and the people are unreceptive

Debunked by Tunde of NomadicNegro
Nomadic Negro at Igbo Olodumare, Ondo State

This is largely untrue.

Northern Nigeria arguably has some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the country.

A few outstanding ones include Wikki warm spring in Bauchi, Kajuru castle in Kaduna, Gurara Waterfalls in Niger, Mambilla Plateau, Taraba, and The sand dunes in Yobe.

The interesting thing about these attractions is that they all can go toe-to-toe with any of their contemporaries around the world.

On Culture, Northern Nigeria has done an amazing job of managing to dabble into civilisation the best way they can without sacrificing too much of their culture, norms, and values.

Lastly, Northerners are some of the most relaxed set of humans you’d meet.

The majority don’t want too much. They only want something tangible enough to get them through life.

With all these said, it is worthy of mention that the North, although notorious for civil unrest within the country, is not as terrible as the media has always painted it to be and you can’t really understand until you see things for yourself.  

To get the best of this region for tourism, it’s advisable you:

  • Travel by air
  • Book a tour with a domestic tour company in the north
  • Make as many findings as possible regarding your destination of interest

I’m sure you’d come back to share even more amazing stories about the goodness of the north and Northerners.

Tunde Phillips is an avid travel writer who doesn’t only like to travel but believes so much in how important tourism can be in reawakening the economies of Africa. He is the founder of the blog, NomadicNegro. Connect with him on Twitter at @nomadic_negro and Instagram at @nomadic_negro.

Myth 5: Nigeria has nothing to offer

Debunked by Fisayo of
Fisayo at Kano Zoological Garden, Kano State

Very often I am asked both locally and internationally, what does Nigeria have to offer? This question contributed to my mission let people know what Nigeria has to offer in terms of tourism.

When you think of eco-tourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism, adventure tourism and more, we have them all in Nigeria.

Let me break it down – if you love hiking or mountain climbing, we have over 200 hills and mountains in Nigeria. The tallest is called Chappal Waddi which is 7,936ft tall, located in Taraba State.

If you love waterfalls, we have over 100 of those in Nigeria, the most popular are in the Western part of Nigeria.

Located in Oyo State Nigeria is a suspended lake as well, which is researched to be the only “1 of 2” in the world.

We have 2 UNESCO sites, and beautiful beaches and resorts in Lagos, Ondo and other states.

Read also: Top Beach Resorts in Lagos and Day trip Guide to Epe

States like Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Calabar and more will fascinate you if you interested in historical tourism. This is where you would learn and experience the history of slave trade in Nigeria.

We are a multi diverse country and that says a lot about the immense number of cultures and traditions you have to see, learn and experience from.

Nigeria is blessed with rich ecotourism, a myriad of cultures, and delightful cuisines not seen anywhere else in the world.

TheFisayo is an award-winning Travel Blogger focused on promoting tourist destinations in Africa. She also helps travel bloggers start and stay winning through mentorship and masterclasses and her blog Connect with her on instagram at @thefisayo.

The purpose of this blog post was to try to get you to see travelling in Nigeria in a positive light and show you that there are indeed things to see and do and places to go.

I hope that purpose has been fulfilled.

Travel Safe!

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